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Creative Halloween ads, makeup ideas, cookies, home decorations and all kinds of creepy and scary stuff.

Happy Pumpkin Carvings Ideas

From classic cute to beautiful creations and cartoons inspired pumpkins.


Halloween Troll Pumpkins

Troll Pumpkins will make you want to sing and dance this Halloween!

What you need in order to craft your own Troll Pumpkins this Halloween:
Foam Sheets, Permanent Markers, Large Googly Eyes, Glue, Pink / Blue Spray Paint, Blue / Pink Faux Fur, Chenille Stems

Cute Halloween Cupcakes

Cute ways to decorate your Halloween cupcakes.


Children Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2017

This Children Halloween Costumes Ideas post will have a description soon enough.

Halloween Ideas – Animal Makeup

Wear a bit of makeup, ad a pair of animal ears and you are all set for the Halloween night. It may seem as everyone dresses up as a cat for Halloween, but you can stick out from the crowd by opting to be a wolf, a zebra or a unicorn. It’s amazing what a difference Halloween makeup can make, it can accentuate your costume or even stand alone.

Spooky Halloween Decorations Ideas

Are you ready? Have you amped up the scare-factor of your décor this year? Decaying zombies, toothy vampires and fake blood is everywhere. So many different ways to decorate your home for Halloween, both indoor and outdoor…

Some of these Halloween decorations are not exactly kid-friendly. Many of these ideas have been known to make grown men scream, cry, or worse.

Easy Halloween Costumes

If you wait until the day before Halloween to choose a costume, it’s not actually a problem anymore. There’s still time to put together the perfect look. These ideas are simple, inexpensive and quick to to it yourself. Put together a creative Halloween disguise with minimal effort!