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Insurance company logos

Preferred colors for insurance company logos are blue and green. The color green represents growth, peace, and nature. Blue, on the other hand, symbolizes peace and harmony. In insurance, a good logo is instantly recognizable, allows  the customer to associate the company with important qualities like trust and protection, and  also establishes loyalty.

A listing of creative life insurance company logos from throughout the industry.

In the competitive landscape of the insurance industry, logos serve as potent visual identifiers, encapsulating a company’s identity, values, and promises. These emblems are more than just graphic designs; they are powerful tools that communicate trust, reliability, and security to customers. Let’s delve into the world of insurance company logos and uncover the rich symbolism behind these iconic symbols.

1. Shield: One of the most prevalent motifs in insurance logos is the shield. The shield symbolizes protection, security, and strength. It harks back to medieval times when shields were used in battle to defend against adversaries. In the context of insurance, the shield represents the company’s commitment to safeguarding its clients against unforeseen risks and uncertainties.

2. Hands: Many insurance logos feature hands clasped together or extended in a gesture of support. These hands symbolize assistance, care, and solidarity. They convey the insurer’s promise to be there for their customers in times of need, offering a helping hand to navigate through life’s challenges.

3. Umbrella: The umbrella is a ubiquitous symbol in insurance logos, representing coverage and shelter. Just as an umbrella provides protection from the rain, insurance offers financial protection against unexpected events. The umbrella logo evokes a sense of security and preparedness, reassuring customers that the company has them covered, rain or shine.

4. Globe: A globe or world map is often incorporated into insurance logos to convey global reach and comprehensive coverage. It signifies the company’s expansive presence and its ability to provide insurance solutions across borders. The globe symbolizes stability and reliability on a global scale, instilling confidence in customers no matter where they are.

5. Tree: The tree is a symbol of growth, stability, and longevity. In insurance logos, it represents the company’s commitment to nurturing and protecting the financial well-being of its clients over the long term. Like a sturdy tree that withstands the test of time, insurance companies aim to build enduring relationships with their policyholders, providing support and stability throughout their lives.

6. Eagle: The eagle is a symbol of strength, vision, and foresight. It embodies qualities such as leadership, protection, and keen observation. When featured in insurance logos, the eagle represents the company’s vigilant oversight and ability to foresee and mitigate risks. It conveys a sense of confidence and authority, reassuring customers that their financial interests are in capable hands.

7. Blue Color Palette: Blue is the predominant color choice in insurance logos, and for good reason. Blue is associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism. It exudes a sense of calm and stability, making it an ideal color for an industry built on assurances and security. Insurance companies leverage shades of blue to convey competence and integrity, fostering trust and credibility among customers.

In conclusion, insurance company logos are more than mere visual symbols; they are potent conveyors of trust, reliability, and security. Whether featuring shields, hands, umbrellas, or other iconic motifs, these logos encapsulate the values and promises that define insurance providers. By understanding the symbolism behind these logos, customers can gain deeper insight into the ethos and commitments of the companies they entrust with their financial well-being.

Halloween Creative Ads Campaigns

Automobile constructor Dacia is celebrating Halloween by giving its Sandero Stepway model a special treatment for the night.

Campaign for an Ecuadorian mobile service Tuenti, who educates people to use data responsibly on Halloween.

Ogilvy – De la Cruz developed a campaign for Burger King that breaks with the traditional “trick or treat”, “disguising ” one of its iconic hamburgers. Burger King has been recognized worldwide for decorating its restaurants, modifying its logo and even dressing up its main character to celebrate Halloween in its own way. In 2021, it transformed its iconic product, the Whopper® Jr., with the size and shape of a candy.

This ‘McDelivery & Halloween’ campaign was published in Austria. It was created for McDonald’s, by ad agency DDB.

A stunt that invites fans to turn historically spooky streets in Portugal into pizza moments on Halloween. To test the bravery of our clients, we defied them to make their order to the spookiest streets in Portugal. And if they are brave enough to order in the most spooky streets in their cities, we are brave enough to offer them an extra pizza. This campaign proves the rapid expansion of Domino’s in Portugal, showing that the brand is already present in new cities, but also that its delivery service has grown so much that it can reach everywhere.

After hearing countless dating horror stories from friends all year long, Megan Plevy and Jae Who, two rising creatives at 72andSunny, created Ghosted Busters: a parody site for busting ghosts in the dating world.

Imagine the rude awakening from the horror of realising that office hours no longer apply, like your boss texting you in the middle of the night. Or getting absolutely terrified by the messy computer wires of your home workspace staring into your soul. Or even the intense fear you get every time you put a plug into an old wall socket, only to realise it doesn’t work when your laptop shuts down in a crucial meeting.
Celebrate the new face of workplace horrors: WFHalloween @ BBDO Singapore.

Halloween Misc Ads

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70’s campaign for Playboy targeting advertisers

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In the new evian Baby Bay outdoor campaign the famously baby-faced ‘it girl’ appears with her baby lookalike alongside other cool characters.


Durex Creative Ads

Durex is one of the few brands that’s actually talking about sex without objectifying women at all. That together  with their smart ads brings Durex at the top of creative advertising.