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Honest advertising slogans

What if companies didn’t have dedicated marketing departments to carefully craft their public image? Hilariously honest advertising slogans created by graphic designer Clif Dickens.

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Creative Ads for Real Estate

For real estate, selling sizzle means selling the real-world benefits of owning the home instead of just describing cold facts about the property…

And one of the most creative Real Estate Ads EVER!

Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Winner Ad

The 4 million dollars price tag for a 30 second ad creates marketing miracles. For the sixth year in a row, Doritos crowdsourced its Super Bowl ad. This came out the absolute winner. The 2 guys responsible are: Ben Callner, Director, Editor, Co-Writer & Steve Colby, Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Goat Wrangler.

Facts about “Goat 4 Sale”

  • The goat’s name is Moose.
  • He has a twin named Kudzu.
  • The goat belongs to Callner’s friend and co-writer Steve Colby.
  • The animal’s scream came from Caller’s friend Keith, who lives in a different city and recorded it over the phone.