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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be trying to figure out what to get for that special guy in your life. Men can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on such a holiday as Valentine’s Day.  If you want to get him something besides sweets or stuffed animals, there are plenty of other, more unique guy-friendly options to look out for. Give him a Valentine’s gift as unique and special as your love for each other.

Here’s a list of suggestions:

It’s that time of year again. Shops are peddling bright red cards with cheesy slogans and heart decorations are popping up all over the place. Skip the box of chocolates in favor of Valentine’s Day gifts that really speak to his personal taste or stomach.

Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Who needs to sit elbow-to-elbow with other couples at a restaurant when you can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere at home. Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to express your love and affection through a romantic gesture.  A well-decorated table will make even a simple menu appear special. Your Valentine’s day table should be elegant and lovely decorated with red color and flowers. Paper and other decorations are welcomed also. Show your true passion on Valentine’s Day with one of these Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas.

Heart garland wrapped around the chandelier, big red hearts hanging from chandelier, and glasses filled with V day colored candy and topped with small candles are some of the Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for your table setting.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day is more than a holiday. It’s the source of a passion. Although we are very grateful for technology, we have to admit a little part of us still longs for a simpler time. Especially around Valentine’s Day. Gone are the days of snail mail and getting handwritten love letters delivered to your doorstep. That doesn’t stop you from sending an old fashioned card or decorating your house with vintage Valentine’s Day themed art.

Here are a few ideas  on how to decorate your home with vintage ideas for Valentine’ Day.

Valentine’s Day tip:

Last year you got your girlfriend/wife flowers and you went out to dinner for the past few Valentine’s Days. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Strangely enough, one of the best ways to do this is by seeking something old at an antique shop.

Enjoy and spread the love!

Naughty Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is best known for being celebrated with lame love letters, cards and poems. But if that’s not exactly  your style, then you might have some trouble finding a card that you want to send to your “better half”. Luckily, there are some naughty, cheeky valentines that will definitely get you and your partner in the mood with dirty puns and funny innuendos.

Get down and dirty with these funny and naughty Valentine’s Day cards.

Send the perfect rude Valentine’s Day card / letter after browsing this selection of cheeky & offensive ideas.


Creative Valentine’s Day Ads

Let’s have a look at some of the most creative Valentine’s Day ads that try to tug at our heart strings and wallet.

These ads will show you that love is not only a warm, fuzzy feeling but also a great marketing tool because huge amounts of money will be dropped on romantic dinners, oversized teddy bears, weekend getaways, flower bouquets, chocolate, and just about anything else that Cupid endorses.

The real challenge for designers and art directors is to close the sale for items that have not one ounce of romance attached to them.