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Deforestation Brutal Print Ads

The casualties of deforestation are not the trees alone.
The first set under the slogan: “When the wood go, wildlife goes”, are social ads for Sanctuary Asia, one of the first and greatest environmental news magazines in India.


The second set of posters were created by Inhotim for the Arbor Day (in Brazil, september 21st). Inhotim is a Contemporary Art Museum and Botanical Garden.

Creative Insurance Ads and Insurance Ads Mockups

“Let’s talk about your death!” or “Let’s talk about accidents!”. Not much of a sales pitch, is it? Insurance companies and their crazy ads get over that.

Perlas Insurance has by far the most “outrageous” ad saying that they will laugh at someone’s problem, even though he is the potential customer.

Specialty Insurance ad makes a stupid comparison between handling a big fish and handling financial challenges.

Birla Sun Insurance ads make parents feel bad although they are the potential customers as well.

Crump Insurance claims it’s the best in the industry based on one magazine’s rating years ago.

wtf insurance logo