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What is Advertising?

Advertising is the means to attract and promote a service or a product. It usually includes the name of the service or the product and also how this service or product can help the consumer in order to persuade customers to purchase one particular brand.

Advertising is mass media content intended to persuade an audiences of viewers, readers and listeners to take action on their products, services and ideas.

Advertising is a promotional marketing strategy used to attract attention towards a particular product, service or company in order to sell a certain product or service provided by the company.

Advertising is the paid, impersonal, one-way marketing of persuasive information from an identified sponsor disseminated through channels of mass media in order to promote the adoption of certain products or services.

Advertising is a way of showing people your product and eventually persuade them to buy the product you are selling.

Advertising enables us to afford such “luxuries” like TV and newspapers, because without it, they would be considerably more expensive.

And in a funny note

Advertising is that thing that’s annoying and deceitful and annoying…

Advertising persuades people to buy things they don’t need and be wasteful.

What is Advertising?