One thought on “Think I Cant Get Mexico To Fund The Wall Funny Donald Trump Meme

  1. Fraser Crest

    No, Trump can’t get Mexico to pay for his wall. Mexico’s former president said “FCK NO”.
    Saving money on trade saves money for taxpayers, not the federal government. Under no
    scenario of any trade deal does Mexico end up magically funding a wall.
    Experts agree, wall is not the answer. Trump agrees, some parts of the border don’t require
    a wall. Trump claims his “wall” is being built — not so. The installation or replacement of old
    barrier/fence with tall, steel barrier was paid for by Bush Admin and installed throughout
    the Obama Admin. Trump has spent $0 on actual construction from what Congress already
    allocated for his fantasy wall of bigotry, yet he wants more. Further, Trumpy has not submitted
    any viable documentation re: exactly how and what monies would be spent or where, nor a plan
    B in the likely event of overspending and waste. Everything in the Trump Admin has been wasteful
    due to overspending– from private jets to the Secret Service having to buy and rent golf
    carts and pay Trump properties hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay there and protect a president.


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