Creative Easter Advertisments

The brand and recognition of Easter has gone global and Easter brings in more chocolate than any other holiday except Halloween. It all began in the 17’th century when German chocolate makers began creating rabbit-shaped treats for Easter celebrations. German writings show the Easter Bunny making an appearance as Oschter Haws, a rabbit that laid a nest of colorful eggs as a present for good children. Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny has taken on many names, appearances and traits in various cultures

Here are some creative Easter ads mostly centered on eggs and rabbits as the symbols of Easter. Religion seems to have vanished from the commercial view of the holiday.

The traditions regarding the Easter Bunny date back to pagan spring festivals which believed that both eggs and hares are a sign of fertility. When Christians began celebrating the resurrection of Jesus together with the springtime festivals, the two events merged, the result being that bunnies and eggs made their way into religious tradition and consumer culture.

Bonus: Vintage Easter Ads

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