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Burger King Ads

Since 1954, when it was founded, the international fast food chain Burger King has developed many advertising programs. Most of the advertising strategy aimed to contrast Burger King’s flexibility with McDonald’s known serving rigidity. The Burger King is the main character created as an advertising mascot for the company that has been used in numerous television commercials and advertising programs. The character has gone through several changes over the course of time.

Burger King vintage Ads

Burger King “Modern” Ads

Creative Alcohol Ads of the 40’s

It was all about the catchy slogans!. Here’s some of them:

All the world loves a “Happy Blending”.

They’ll always beat a path to the door of a an who makes a better Manhattan than his neighbour.

Gin of pre-war quality made with pre-war imported botanicals.

America’s Earliest Thanksgiving…was for corn.