Yearly Archives: 2022

Durex Creative Ads

Durex is one of the few brands that’s actually talking about sex without objectifying women at all. That together  with their smart ads brings Durex at the top of creative advertising.


Earth Day Creative Ads

“Earth Day” is held every year on the 22nd of April. Many brand campaigns and ads are emerging. With global warming and climate change topics getting more and more trendy so are the ads. Present and past.

Creative Gambling Ads

One of the most creative ads by Loto is refering to the moment when somebody becomes a millionaire, and it doesn’t take long for some very strange ‘close friends’ and ‘distant relatives’ to suddenly appear. Lottery winners are shown by using the typical photography that Loto takes of its winners. But instead, it’s crowded with the strangest close relatives that winners had probably never seen before. They come dressed up like the winner to pretend they are relatives and therefore the winner suddenly discovers he has a ‘new family’.

Creative Putin Ads

Most of the ads focus on the manipulation of journalists by Vladimir Putin’s government, showing human rights abuse in the Russian media landscape.