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Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

If you plan to throw Thanksgiving Party this year, then you need to consider baking some creative Thanksgiving cupcakes for your guests. Here’s a list of Thanksgiving cupcake ideas in case you were a wondering on what you wanted to bring for a Thanksgiving treat this year. Cupcakes are always great choice for parties because they are easy, fun to make and less messier. As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to cupcakes. The important thing is to just have fun with it.

Pumpkin Carving Design Stencils

For a super fun, family-friendly or group hangout DIY session, we’ve rounded up a collection of free pumpkin carving printable templates and pumpkin stencils.

Scary Halloween Face Paint Ideas For Women

Halloween gives us the opportunity to change our appearance using scary makeup. Painting your face in various creepy characters such as vampire, zombie, living dead or creepy dolls will definitely bring terror to any parties you attend. If you are an expert with makeup, there are plenty of elaborate Halloween makeup ideas that you can try from this gallery.


Drunk and Weird Pumpkins Ideas

Hilarious pumpkins doing nasty stuff.

Creepy Halloween Dolls And Other Props

No self-respecting Halloween maniac would skip out on covering their house and garden with spooktacular creepy Halloween props and decorations. There’s been a lot of attention to detail put into this craft.

Creative stuff to improve your day and mood

Just a list of funny creative stuff. You can find more at