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Creative Lawyer Ads

Lawyer ads not only dominate the landscape, the TV viewers and radio listeners, but they also go online, being the best paid ads online. I some states, lawyers who use ads have to file quarterly reports with their ads and URLs together with pictures of outdoor billboards and print ads. It all has to be scanned and submitted electronically.

Divorce attorney Corri Fetman ads – Life is Short, get a divorce.

An Attorney That Rocks! 

The David Komie Personal Injury TV Commercials

Children Halloween Costumes

Kids love to dress in awesome terrifying costumes or as movie characters. Here are some awesome Halloween costumes suggestions in case you are wondering what your kid should wear this year. No ,matter if you are a SF movie fan or you enjoy the classic movies, there are plenty of easy to do costumes fro everybody’s taste. Make your kid look eye bobbling and scary for Halloween Day.