Monthly Archives: July 2014

Creative Automobile Advertisements

A list of the best and most creative work from automotive brands.

Bonus: Toyota “Tundra Endeavor Campaign” — Saatchi & Saatchi/Los Angeles

Public Interest Creative Ads

A list of creative Public Interest ads from various countries. Animal cruelty, drinking and driving, etc

Submarine Crash – Creative Insurance Ad Stunt

A submarine crew appeared to have crashed their vessel straight through the streets near the Duomo from Milan.

Actually it was Europ Assistance Italia insurance company together with the Milanese design studio M&C Saatchi who made a magnificent and clever marketing campaign. At the beginning of the event, there were police, ambulances and fire fighters dispatched to the scene, fencing the crash site and taking care of the confused sailors. A crowd gathered in the area to take photos of the the strange event. A hash tag on the side of the submarine, #L1F3, allowed observers to refer to the submarine, and soon, all of Twitter was full of #L1F3 tweets talking about the submarine in Milan.

Various Insurance Ads

In order to encourage people to sign up for different kinds of insurance, insurance companies from all over the world hire creative ad agencies to deliver ads they hope will go “viral”, most of the ads working at getting attention.

BCAA Insurance threatens tourists with possible accidents and medical bills.
IDBI Child Insurance plants fear in parents’ minds.
Terri Scheer Property Management insurance is warning us of the tenants’ dark side.
Farmers Insurance shows a number of absurd work injuries.
ETB Insurance presents the whole life as a risk