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Creative Ads for Hiring

Just like you are looking for the best job, when it comes to recruitment, a company will want to attract the best and the brightest people. This is why hiring ads become more creative and challenging.

Creative Easter Trees

The Easter trees are a handful of twigs and sticks in a vase with colored eggs or feathers attached to the ends. These twigs originally served as a reminder of Christ’s suffering by which young people would playfully lash each other with silver birch twigs on the morning of Good Friday. Today ordinary birch branches, decorated with brightly colored feathers or eggs, are simply placed in a vase.

3D Art Ads

3D Street Painting is an anamorphic art, a form of illusion. Mathematical equations and figures are used in order to play with perception and show people three dimensional sceneries and objects on a completely flat asphalt. This type of art became very popular in advertising and publicity mainly because it fascinates passers-by in a way no other form of art or advertising can achieve.

Here are some examples of creative 3D art ads.

Creative Home Improvements

Dream home ideas coming up: