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Creative Halloween ads, makeup ideas, cookies, home decorations and all kinds of creepy and scary stuff.

Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant shouldn’t be a “bump” on the road when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Here’s a list of costume ideas for pregnant moms for the coming Halloween.
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Vintage Halloween Costumes

These vintage Halloween costumes look a hell of a lot scarier than most of the costumes we see nowadays. Many of us would most likely need a crucifix and some holy water instead of a bowl of candy to treat those guys.
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Halloween cakes and cookies

Spooky cakes and creepy treats for Halloween.

Children Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2016

Halloween is coming up so we made a collection of Halloween costumes for kids to reel in compliments and candy! Still set on treating Junior to that one-of-a-kind disguise? Browse the pictures and get creative!

You can check out our last year’s collection of Halloween costumes ideas where cuteness is also off the charts.

Crazy Halloween Makeup Ideas – part 2

Crazy Halloween Makeup ideas.

Halloween Decorations Ideas

A collection of Yard Decorations Ideas for Halloween.

Crazy Halloween Makeup Ideas