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American Apparel (sexist) ads

American Apparel has really made a name for itself not particularly with its products, but certainly with it’s advertising. Does sex really sell? Where exactly is the line between consumer advertising and pornography?

A NSFW collection of American Apparel’s Ads.

Pizza Hut Creative Ads

The most engaging ads are often the most cryptic ones. As today’s audience gets bored very easy, new forms of advertising are born that require the viewer to do some detective work to decipher its message. Companies shifted from straight presentation to a more interactive advertising to keep their potential customers engaged and interested in what they’re trying to sell.

To convince consumers to choose their food products, Pizza Hut is using different marketing strategies to do everything they can to grab the consumers attention and make them want to satisfy hunger cravings with their products.

Creative Mortgage Ads

A home of your own.

Those words capture a lot of emotion, many hopes and dreams. It’s a place to express yourself and do exactly what you want, when you want. You can decorate, landscape and shape your home with no limits other than your imagination and your budget.

Simply put, homeownership represents absolute freedom.

No matter if you are marketing mortgages, diet pills, or anything else, it is not good to focus on the “best case scenario” results that not all consumers can expect to get.

If there are important terms and conditions associated with an advertised price, payment, or rate, make sure to spell out the particulars very clearly and prominently.


Credit Card ads

Due to their proliferation into many areas of our lives, credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express have created instantly recognizable brands, thanks in part to a series of highly successful and memorable print campaigns throughout the their history.

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Climate Change Awareness Ads

Limiting climate change involves major shifts in public policy and individual behavior regarding energy, transportation, consumption and more. Likewise, preparing for and adapting to climate change impacts will require changes in current practices.

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Some of the most creative quotes:

New type of viruses appear continuously because the nature is taking its revenge on humans.

You can’t afford to be slow in an emergency. Act now for the planet!

Travelling fruits cause pollution. Think global. Eat local.

A hot planet would be a cold place.

Turn off the lights and reverse global warming.

Winter. You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Their extinction is ours as well.

Global warming is changing the world’s climate rapidly. Icebergs are melting, oceans are rising, nature is revolting. Act now, conserve energy and treat the planet with respect, or we’ll have a world at sea.


Creative Financial Services Ads

The financial services industry is the third-largest in the US in terms of digital ad spending, going up to 15% of the market. With this much at stake, it’s imperative that financial services advertisers have a clear digital ad strategy.

Different messages apply to college students who may be looking for a loan versus a 45 year old couple looking to refinance their home so be sure to develop creative that is relevant to the target customers and tailor the message to that segment.

Creative Insurance Ads

Here’s a list of the most creative Insurance Print Ads.